Why Are Backlinks Important To Your Business?

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are simply “votes” by other websites that list your website or page URL in an article or post on their website. The more respected the website featuring your link, the more respect it gets from Google. Typically the more quality backlinks, the greater the benefit for SEO. Here is an example of a backlink used in Search Engine Optimization.

Why are Backlinks important?

Backlinks from like sites are critical to ranking high in the search engines.

With this in mind, Backlinks are significant for a number of reasons. Such as:

  • They can have both a positive as well as negative impact of your brand. This depends on the quality and relevance of the link itself. Low quality links will negatively impact your site.
  • Links drive traffic to your site. This is good!
  • Search engines like links placed in good quality content. You benefit from quality links on original content related sites.

Further Backlink Training Resources

That’s what we are here for. We will train you and manage your SEO program.

Just as much as good links from quality like sites can help you, your compitors may send bad links to your site in order to penalize you. You have to look at your backlinks on a regular basis to determine those helping you and those hurting your brand. if you discover that you are a victim of negative SEO, there are few things you can do to correct the issue.

One thing to do is use the Google disavow tool and list the links you want removed. Removing the bad links will help keep the trust of your site that you are not venturing into bad neighborhoods with spammy links.

Another thing to do, is to continue to get good backlinks from trusted sites. That is where we come in to help you. We not only watch for bad links but also help your brand flourish with good quality links for companies that are trusted on the internet.

Don’t take chances with your brand. Hire us to protect you and help you grow.


15 Reasons Your Site Is Not Ranking

Why Is My Website Not Ranking On Page One Of Google?

Below are the Top 15 reasons your site is not ranking where you want it to rank. And because it is not ranking you are loosing business and slipping further behind each day.

To rank at the top of the search engines you need to know what to do and even more important, what not to do.

Take a look at the list below. Your site could be suffering from on or all of the ranking issues listed. The good news is that even if your site has been de-indexed by Google, Olympia SEO Service can help you!

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  1. Over optimization
  2. Lack Of On Page SEO
  3. Anchor Text Profile
  4. Site Content
  5. Site Load Speed
  6. Bad Server Neighborhood
  7. Negative SEO By Competitors
  8. Google Penalty
  9. Site Is De-indexed
  10. Duplicate Content
  11. Link Velocity
  12. Poor Link Trust
  13. Brand Link To Keyword Ratio
  14. Poor Back Link Relevance
  15. Previous Poor SEO


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Reputation Is Everything

How is your company’s reputation?

They say that you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. If your company has been hit with unfair and untrue posts and comments online, we can help!

The good news about the internet is the amount of information available to consumers when making a buying decision. The bad news about the internet is that not all information is true or accurate.

Anybody can contribute and make comments online that are designed to hurt your business. There are very little rules and in some cases even unscrupulous competition trying to hurt your business.

Whether you like it or not your business is on the internet or being talked about in social circles even if you do not have a website or social pages.

Even if you do not have a bad reputation online, in today’s marketplace even that is not good enough. You need to have a good reputation in your community.

Our reputation management services provide you an accurate look at what is being said about your company online and in your community.

We know what to do to reduce and eliminate unfair and untrue reviews and how to build good reviews and customer likes.

Don’t wait! Your reputation is everything!

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FAQ’s about SEO

Q: Will my site rank high in the search engines if I select the right keywords and get back links to my pages?

A: As far as effective SEO, getting back links and selecting the right keywords are important but if you are trying to rank locally the best thing to do is get local citations. Also, get active on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, and linkedin. These social signals are measured by Google’s algorithm and will help you get on page one.

If you haven’t done it already, take a look at your competition and see where they are ranking on Google. Do a Google search for the type of business you want to rank. For example if you are a wedding photographer, google: wedding photographer dallas texas. Change out the city/state for your own. Google will show you the paid ads at the top, then the organic search results, then you will see a listing of google+ sites (this is why you need a google+ site), and then more organic searches. Google will also put in “bold” the keyword each company is ranking for with your search term.

Most important of all, don’t get overwhelmed and do nothing. Get started now as SEO ranking requires patience and time.

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Olympia SEO Services!

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